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NCSS members view shoreline erosion off the coast of Rhode Island.

National Cooperative Soil Survey

The National Cooperative Soil Survey (NCSS) is a nationwide partnership dedicated to soils since 1899! 

Don’t miss the 2024 NCSS Regional Conferences!

Southern: Lafayette, Louisiana – May 21-24
North Central: Platteville, Wisconsin – June 24-27
Western: Missoula, Montana – July 22-25
Northeast: Bridgewater, Massachusetts – July 29 - August 1

NCSS Regions and Contacts Map

What Is the NCSS?

The National Cooperative Soil Survey (NCSS) is a nationwide partnership of Federal, regional, State, and local agencies and private entities and institutions. This partnership works to cooperatively investigate, inventory, document, classify, interpret, disseminate, and publish information about soils. NCSS standards are common or shared procedures that enhance technology transfer, data sharing, and communications among soil survey participants. NCSS cooperators collaborate on efforts to increase our understanding of soils through field studies, soil mapping projects, soil database development, and other technical soil services. 

Anyone can join the NCSS. View the ArcGIS Story Map to learn more about us!

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I cannot conceive of the time when knowledge of soils will be complete. Our expectation is that our successors will build on what has been done, as we are building on the work of our predecessors.

R.S. Smith, Director of the Illinois Soil Survey, 1928

NCSS Projects

Learn more about projects that are a result of the National Cooperative Soil Survey via ArcGIS Story Maps.

Contact Soils

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