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USDA headquarters building in Washington DC

Office of the Chief Directory

NRCS headquarters are in Washington D.C., but we have employees in nearly every county across America who help local communities every day.

Office of the Chief Directory

Office of the Chief
Title Position/Title Phone Email
Terry Cosby Chief 202-720-7246
Alexandra Lawrence Chief of Staff 336-933-1946
Kenneth Walker Assistant Chief 202-913-1775
Hannah Peyton Special Advisor to the Chief 202-805-3909
Tom O'Halleran Senior Advisor 202-805-2777
Michele J. Altemus Senior Advisor for External Communications 202- 948-3637
Margaret (Meg) Campbell Senior Advisor 202-961-0873
Lisa Bertelson Senior Advisor 253-778-2409
Maya Johnson Policy Advisor 771-233-5161
Maya Cohn Climate Policy Advisor 202-205-1165
Sanaz Arjomand Natural Resources Communications Specialist 202-441-2356
Tyrone Cole Executive Assistant to the Chief 202-720-7246
Katherine Burse Assistant Chief of Staff (Acting) 615-686-8313
Louis Aspey Associate Chief 202-720-4531
Leslie Deavers Chief of Staff to the Associate Chief 202-690-4616
Gayle Barry Senior Advisor Inflation Reduction Act Coordinator 530-792-5661
Martha Joseph Senior Policy Advisor 814-203-5562
Noller Herbert Gulf Coast Ecosystem Resoration Director (Acting) 202-720-5125
Jennifer Zwicke Mission Delivery Optimization Team Leader 970-295-5519
Christine Hall National Innovation Leader 732-569-5383
Jewel McKenzie Senior Advisor Wellness and Employee Engagement 202-205-6130
Robert McAfee Urban Agriculture Coordinator 443-205-9763
Deborah Miles Executive Assistant to the Associate Chief 202-720-4531
Vacant Management Analyst
Office of the Regional Conservationists
Title Position/Title Phone Email
Kasey L. Taylor Regional Conservationist, Northeast 202-690-2196
James Tillman, Sr. Regional Conservationist, Southeast 202-690-2197
Curtis Elke Regional Conservationist, Central 202-690-2197
Astor Boozer Regional Conservationist, West 202-690-2196
Rebekah Lauster Chief of Staff 202-420-9104
Brenda Blango Executive Assistant, Northeast and West Regions 202-690-2196
Sheila McLeod Executive Assistant, Southeast and Central Regions 202-690-2197
Office of Urban Agriculture & Innovative Production
Title Position/Title Phone Email
Brian Guse Director, Urban Agriculture & Innovation Production 202-641-7249
Leslie Glover Program Manager 602-309-9536
Nina Bhattacharyya Urban Agriculture Specialist 352-672-3056
Markus Holliday Management and Program Analyst (UAIFAC) 301-974-1287
Sharonte Williams Management and Program Analyst (Grants and Agreements) 202-981-1653
Sean Potts Management and Program Analyst (CFWR) 202-957-8998
Jose Jimenez Management and Program Analyst (UAIP) 202-437-9228
Office of Equity
Title Position/Title Phone Email
Vivian Dickson Director 202-603-8760
Samora Bennerman Senior Equity Program Manager 301-504-2314
Michael Carlo Altman Equity Data Analyst, Natural Resource Specialist 804-659-7643
Patrick Vincent Equity Program Manager 804-664-0816
Amy Overstreet Equity Communications Specialist
Nizhoni LaFrance-Pettigrew Equity Program Manager
Title Position/Title Phone Email
Dana Ashford-Kornburger National Climate Coordinator 202-492-5650
Sara del Fierro Management and Program Analyst, Climate Change
Laura Schreeg Senior Special Projects Coordinator Project Lead for IRA GHG Quantification 202-525-0298
Chad Stachowiak Climate Change Adaptation Lead 202-205-9434
Programs Deputy Area
Title Position/Title Phone Email
Karen Woodrich Deputy Chief for Programs 785-452-3411
Crystal Savoy Executive Assistant 202-692-5220
Julie Hawkins Associate Deputy Chief for Programs (Acting) 732-537-6041
Richelle Perazich Special Assistant to the Deputy Chief for Programs 202-720-1201
Jeff White Branch Chief, Outreach and Oversight 202-617-5906
Jerry Raynor Director, Financial Assistance Program Division (FAPD) 317-430-9521
Astrid Martinez Director, Conservation Planning and Technical Assistance Division (CPTAD) 202-708-0083
Carrie Lindig Director, Easements Program Division (EPD) 202-720-1882
Russell Ames Branch Chief, FAPD Projects 202-720-0945
Myron Taylor Branch Chief, Operations Support 202-690-2191
John Derbish Branch Chief, TSP (Acting) 202-819-6713
Mike Whitt Branch Chief, FAPD Policy (Away on Detail) 202-690-2267
Ronnie Maurer Branch Chief, FAPD Programs 202-720-9733
Kelly Ireland Branch Chief, EPD Policy 202-308-0773
Danielle Balduff Branch Chief, Implementation & Stewardship 202-720-6168
Jeremy Stone Branch Chief, Easement Acquisitions Branch 202-308-1153
Ralph Smith Branch Chief, Watershed Programs (Acting) 202-260-8036
Aaron Lauster Branch Chief, Conservation Planning 202-260-9230
Martin Lowenfish Branch Chief, Areawide Planning 202-690-4979
Soil Science and Resource Assessment Deputy Area
Title Position/Title Phone Email
Matt Walker Deputy Chief for Soil Science and Resource Assessment (SSRA) (Acting) 207-385-6620
Ben Malone Associate Deputy Chief (Acting) 334-887-4500
John Andreoni Chief of Staff (Acting) 720-544-2841
Terri Gill Executive Assistant 301-504-2302
David Lindbo Director, Soil and Plant Science Division (SPSD) 202-720-7848
Neil Dominy SPSD Associate Director, National Soil Survey Center (NSSC) 402-437-4103
David Kingsbury SPSD Associate Director, Soil Services and Information 304-284-7589
Roy Vick SPSD Associate Director, Operations 202-302-8610
Edgar Mersiovsky SPSD Associate Director, Programs 501-301-3163
Weihuan (Mark) Xu Director, Resource Inventory & Assessment Division 301-504-0303
Daniel Mullarkey Branch Chief, Resource Assessment Branch 202-631-1943
Weihuan (Mark) Xu Branch Chief, Resource Inventory Branch (Acting) 301-504-0303
Heather Hofman Director, National Water and Climate Center (NWCC) 971-325-5171
Jonathan Smith Senior Scientist 301-504-2341
Michael Strobel Senior Natural Resource Specialist, Climate Change 971-255-9801
Science and Technology Deputy Area
Title Position/Title Phone Email
Noller Herbert Deputy Chief for Science and Technology (S&T) 202-720-5125
Timothy Beard Associate Deputy Chief for S&T (Acting)
Ramon Ortiz Chief of Staff 202-934-3366
Rhonda Mendonca Executive Assistant (Acting)
Terron Hillsman Director, Ecological Science Division 410-382-4150
Kevin Farmer Director, Conservation Engineering Division 202-720-3413
Amanda Branham Director, Soil Health Division 202-821-5823
Kristina Jerome Director, East National Technology Support Center 336-370-3352
Ray Dotson Director, Central National Technology Support Center 682-206-7822
Amanda Moore Director, West National Technology Support Center 503-273-2413
Arthur Ramthun Co-Director, National Design, Construction & Soil Mechanics Center (Acting) 202-906-0010
Tim Wilson Director, National Water Management Center 501-210-8902
Ron Howard Senior Advisor, Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Team 601-812-9449
Management and Strategy Deputy Area
Title Position/Title Phone Email
Angela Biggs Deputy Chief for Management and Strategy 608-509-2868
Ann English Associate Deputy Chief (Acting) 803-253-3935
Emmabelle Kenyon Chief of Staff 202-692-0099
Josiel Uc Executive Assistant 202-690-2198
Michael Robotham Director, International Programs Division 202-702-5547
Nicole Viars Director, Outreach and Partnership Division (Acting) 304-282-4656
Lane Johnson Director, Policy and Program Analysis Division (Acting) 817-807-5333
Theresa Killings Director, Strategic Support Services Division (Acting) 202-768-6598
Geno Bulzomi Administrative Enterprise Business Initiatives (AEBI) 970-295-5475
Edwin Almodovar Senior Advisor, Workload Analysis Team Leader 202-867-8372
Agriculture Under Secretary for Farm Production and Conservation Robert Bonnie meets with Austrian Ministry of Agriculture, Regions and Tourism Norbert Totschnig  for bi-lateral talks at the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Washington, D.C. on Friday, July 15, 2022. USDA photo by Tom Witham.

USDA Employee Directory

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