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NCSS Committees

NCSS committees work within the NCSS conferences. All conference and committee activities are guided by the conference bylaws. 

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National Conference Steering Committee

Purpose: Organize and oversee the National Conference. 

Communication between the NCSS regional and national conferences is essential. Steering committees and liaisons should coordinate with committee chairs to ensure objective are met.

National and Regional Standing and Ad Hoc Committees


  • Report actions on prior conference recommendations and solicit new recommendations.
  • Report to the conference business meeting the progress made on all recommendations.
  • Each committees establishes an action item register.
  • The Standing Committees reflect both the National and Regional Conferences.
  • The National and Regional Conferences can have ad hoc committees as needed.
    • Ad hoc committees are proposed by NCSS members to the conference steering committee to address emerging issues. 
    • Charges will be defined; a chair and vice chair will be recommended.
    • Steering committee will review for approval.

To apply for a chair vacancy, please contact your regional liaison.


Coordination of Activities

All items concerning the coordination of activities are found in in the NRCS General Manual in Title 430 part 602 of the National Soil Survey Handbook. 

  • The Soil and Plant Science Division Director assigns a liaison to each regional conference.
  • The liaison ensures communication between the regional and national conference.
  • Each committee will have a chair and vice chair. 
  • Committee chairs communicate with the assigned liaison.
  • Regional Standing and ad hoc committee chairs will provide a report to member of the national conference steering committee.
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