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Soil Profile

Strategic Plan and Guidance Documents


A society that values soil as an ecological resource 

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Provide knowledge about soils and ecosystems for resource management 


  • Communicate the importance of soils to society
  • Increase the knowledge base for soils and ecosystems 
  • Strengthen and expand collaboration
  • Ensure a critical mass of well-qualified scientists and technical specialist



NCSS Strategic Plan for the Partnership


NCSS Strategic Plan (675.72 KB)


Comments regarding the strategic plan can be sent to David Lindbo, Director of the NRCS Soil and Plant Science Division. 

Guidance Documents

Guidance documents for NCSS can be found in the NRCS General Manual in Title 430 part 402 which “defines the National Cooperative Soil Survey (NCSS), its structure and objectives, and the legislative authorities for the soil survey” and the National Soil Survey Handbook.

Part 600 (Subpart A and Subpart B) - publications and technical references that guide the NCSS

Part 601 (Subpart A and Subpart B) - information on NCSS responsibilities

Part 602 (Subpart A and Subpart B) - the purpose of the NCSS conferences along with their bylaws