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WhoBuddies Adventures

WhoBuddies Adventures

The Whobuddies are six unique owl cartoon characters who really care about the environment. Each Whobuddy specializes on a particular resource. The natural resources include: soil, water, air, animals, plants, and energy.

As their mild mannered selves, the Whobuddies like to teach others about how important it is to conserve and protect our precious natural resources.

When needed, the Whobuddies combine their resources with each other to become their super selves and jump into action to get conservation on the ground. While getting conservation on the land is their main super power, they each also have secondary powers. The Whobuddies' names are the actual genus name the owl species belongs to.

In "The Mystery of the Sick Stream" and "The Great Soil Discovery" you can read about their adventures with Connor and his classmates as they work with the Whobuddies to help protect the natural resources in their school's watershed.