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Alaska Mountain View

Alaska Curricula for Conservation Planners

These training materials are intended for use by partners, Soil and Water Conservation District staff, Tribal Conservation District staff, NRCS employees who are pursuing a conservation planner certification. They are also useful educational resources for the public.

Self-Guided vs. Instructor-Led Courses

Some courses are self-guided, allowing the student to read through the material on their own at their convenience. Other courses are instructor-led and will require the student to schedule time with an instructor to complete the training. Students are asked to be considerate of the instructor’s time and other work responsibilities, and to schedule training appointments far in advance of when they wish to complete their certification.

Some instructor-led courses will require field time, and thus must take place during the summer field season. Instructor-led courses that do not require field time are best conducted during winter. Students are encouraged to read the course descriptions on each of the courses to plan ahead for scheduling purposes.

NRCS Point of Contact

For questions about the Alaska Curricula, contact


Growing Degree Days, Frost-Free Days and Plant Hardiness Zones
High Tunnels
Fertilizer and Lime Availability in Alaska

Alaska Native Tribes and Tribal Entities

ANCSA and Native Entity Organizations
Alaska Native Corporations
Working Effectively with Alaska Natives
Subsistence as Agriculture


Stream Visual Assessment Protocol for Alaska
Alaska Wildlife Habitat Evaluation and Planning Tools
Endangered Species Section 7 in Alaska


National Food Security Act
CPA-52 Environmental Evaluation Worksheet

Conservation Practices and Tech Notes

Field Office Technical Guide
Conservation Practice Standards
Implementation Requirements

Cultural Resources

Alaska Cultural Resources Modules 7 & 8

Erosion (coming soon)

Water Erosion Process

Farming History & Agricultural Development in Alaska

Alaska Agriculture and USDA Programs
Alaska Farming History
Common Crops in Alaska


Basic Forest Ecology and Management Concepts
More Forestry Topics Coming Soon

Land Clearing

Land Clearing Techniques and Equipment

Land Ownership and Agriculture in Alaska

Land Ownership in Alaska
State and Borough Farm Plan Requirements
Alaska Ag Parcel Land Sales

Other Assessment Tools

GIS Basics
GPS Field Use
Hydrology EFH2
Hydraulics and Waterway EFT
Level Surveying
Hand Level and Clinometer
Delineating a Watershed
Alaska Phosphorous Index

Pasture and Rangeland

Range Assessment in Alaska
Pastureland Assessment in Alaska
Grazing Planning Tools and Computations


Alaska Ecological Sites - Coming Soon
Plant Identification
Common Plants in Your Service Area
Wetland Plant Identification


Web Soil Survey
Hydric Soils
Basic Soils Training