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Happy National Soil Health Day!

Healthy soil gives us clean air and water, bountiful crops and forests, productive grazing lands, diverse wildlife, and beautiful landscapes. Learn more about the ABCs of Soil Health.

USDA Announces Second Round of Infrastructure Projects

The USDA announced a second round of investments through watershed infrastructure projects to benefit rural and historically underserved communities in South Carolina, as part of the Infrastructure bill passed in November.

New Framework Guides Conservation Action on America’s Central and Eastern Grassl

The USDA has unveiled a new plan to help accelerate voluntary conservation efforts for the Northern bobwhite quail and the grassland and savanna landscapes that the species calls home.

Feral Swine Trapping Demonstration Nets lots of Interest

The Hampton Conservation District hosted a Feral Swine trapping demonstration at Lake Warren State Park with APHIS, NRCS and other partners. Feral Swine cause millions of dollars in damage to livestock and crops, and the Farm Bill provides assistance as part of a pilot project.

Deputy Secretary Dr. Jewel Bronaugh Visits SC

USDA Deputy Secretary of Agriculture Dr. Jewel Bronaugh attended a round table discussion with U.S. Rep. Jim Clyburn on Monday.  Historically Underserved producers shared their experiences at the event, and discussed recent agricultural-related legislation.


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