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UW Laurens, SC Community Gardens Ribbon Cutting

Partnerships in South Carolina

Partnerships play a vital role to conservation efforts and allow us to work with more communities

Partnerships are an important tool to achieving our mission. South Carolina NRCS has a primary mission of "Helping the People Help the Land." We could not do this without our producers and our partners. Throughout the Palmetto State, organizations partner with us to share expertise, connect us in every community, and to deliver conservation and education on the ground 

Here are a few of the partnerships in action in South Carolina.

photo of Nubia Adams, community gardner for UW Laurens


United Way-Laurens County. NRCS partners with the United to provide a valuable food source in the Clinton, SC community through three community gardens. These Gardens provide free fresh food, education and a sense of community to an underdeveloped area on the grounds of a shuttered mill. Some of the bounty includes squash, collard greens, lemon grass and tomatoes. 

Clinton Mayor, Councilwoman and Gardener select fruit for community basket




Volunteers with Green Heart Project share with NRCS Regional Conservationist

The Green Heart Project, located in Charleston, South Carolina, provides an underserved community with a bountiful harvest through community gardens. The gardens serve the community and provide an invaluable educational opportunity through a relationship with the Charleston School District. The organization provides volunteer mentors, known as Green Heart Buddies, to teach students about health, community and food, while providing sustenance to people in need.

Volunteers survey the Gardens of Green Heart Project




Darvis Jordan


Lavetta Blair

Program Analyst

Jodi Moon

Outreach Coordinator