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Raster soil survey of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

Digital Soil Mapping Team

Charges, activities, membership, and contact information for the Digital Soil Mapping Team.

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Raster soil survey of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.
Raster soil survey of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness showing predicted soil classes across the landscape (10m pixel resolution).


Digital Soil Mapping: The generation of geographically referenced soil databases based on quantitative relationships between spatially explicit environmental data and measurements made in the field and laboratory (McBratney et al., 2003); the spatial prediction of soil classes or properties from point data and environmental raster data using a statistical algorithm.





Coordinate DSM activities across the Soil and Plant Science Division

Long Range Plan (128.34 KB)

Identify training needs

Identify needs to update standards and propose solutions

NSSH Part 648 – Digital Soil Mapping – Raster Products

Initiate annual field weeks to investigate soil-landscape relationships in selected DSM project areas

Assemble existing data

Identify gaps
Produce raster-based soil data and information

Raster Soil Surveys


Sub-Team meeting minutes

Pixelation Station

DSM Practitioner Discussions – Join monthly conversations exploring all things DSM with a different topic each month. Open to all. Please contact Jessica Philippe or Suzann Kienast-Brown to receive monthly invites.

DSM Project Mentoring – The DSM Focus Team project mentoring program can provide technical support and guidance to eligible Soil Survey Offices conducting DSM projects. See request form below for more information.

DSM Field Weeks – DSM Field Weeks provide a cross-training opportunity between local soil scientists and those with DSM expertise while helping deliver soil survey products. The field week activities focus on a local mapping project and capacity building. Each DSM Field Week will be tailored to meet the needs of the specific project and provide support for DSM project activities in the months following the field week. Field week participants must meet the minimum requirement of the Introduction to Digital Soil Mapping training course or equivalent and have a project planned that will utilize DSM methods. Use the link below to apply to host a DSM Field Week for your project!

DSM Papers of Interest (links to CloudVault)

Other Resources



Fiscal Year 2018 (89.57 KB)


Suzann Kienast-Brown

Soil Scientist (National GIS Specialist), NSSC-GRU, Bozeman, Montana

Jessica Philippe

Soil Scientist/GIS Specialist, St. Johnsbury, Vermont

Dr. James Thompson

Professor, WVU, Morgantown, West Virginia
Soils 2026 and Digital Soil Mapping: Foundation for the Future of Soils Information and Conservation Activities