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Raster Soil Map

GIS and Digital Mapping for Soil Survey

GIS and Digital Soil Mapping Job Aids 

GIS and Digital Soil Mapping for Soil Survey




Data Development and Landform Analysis

Tutorial on using WhiteboxTools for terrain covariate development (YouTube Video)


Coming soon! 

Multiresolution Index of Valley Bottom Flatness Sheet (PDF; 468 KB)
Processing DEMs with the ArcSIE Extension (PDF; 436 KB)
Using SAGA to Develop Terrain Derivatives (PDF; 473 KB)
xTerrain Tools Documentation (PDF; 161 KB)
xTerrain 10.1 Toolbox (TBX; 952 KB)


Sampling for Training Data

Sample R scripts and instructions for using the Conditioned Latin Hypercube Sampling Package in R 

Coming Soon!

Selecting Random Features (PDF; 339 KB)



Trimble: Introduction to GPS Analyst Extension for ArcGIS Software

Coming soon!

Converting Waypoints from the Oregon 650T GPS Unit into txt_kml_shp (DOCX; 192 KB)
R_Oregon_650_t_format.R script (ZIP; 2 KB)