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Interactive Map

The links provided below for the Interactive Map can be modified based on your interests. After opening a map, you can customize the parameters based on your preferences and then bookmark the link to save your settings.

For more information, visit the Interactive Map Help Center.

Current conditions

Individual stations


Station/basins combined

Station Inventory

Identify stations by data type, location, network



Snow (Utah only)

Snow Water Equivalent, Percent normal 

Snow Water Equivalent, Value

Snow Density

Snow Depth

Snow Water Equivalent


Soil Moisture


Reservoir Storage

Precipitation (Utah only)

Water Year to Date, Percent normal

Water Year to Date, Value


Soil Moisture (Utah only)

Volumetric water content, value

Volumetric water content, Percent normal

Volumetric water content, Percent saturation


Streams and reservoirs (Utah only)

Reservoir storage, Percent normal

Streamflow, Percent normal

Forecast streamflow volume, Percent normal