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RCPP in Action

rcpp in action banner for fy 2020. A man speaks to a crowd of about 20 about a mobile piece of agriculture equipment.


Gallatin Valley Land Trust thumbnail Forest stand improvement RCPP in action thumbnail
The Gallatin Valley Land Trust (GVLT) along with 17 partner organizations is purchasing conservation easements from willing landowners to protect water quality, prime farmland and reduce urban sprawl.
A landowner in North Arkansas is working with NRCS to improve wildlife habitat on his property through RCPP.

Sierra Valley Feather River Land Trust banner rcpp in action golden warbler button
The Feather River Land Trust, the Northern Sierra Partnership and The Nature Conservancy use RCPP to reserve the Sierra Valley wetlands.

Management of tag alder in Marinette County, Wisconsin has meant the return of the near-threatened Golden-winged warbler.

rcpp in action shatto ditch button Sunrise and counds reflecting in a bend of the Cedar River

In northern Indiana, partners are demonstrating the effectiveness of using two conservation practices to reduce nutrient loss from agricultural fields.

The Middle Cedar Partnership Project is improving the quality of drinking water in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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Ground-level photo looking between two rows of no till crops; a farm barn and silos are in the background. Group photo of the Marquis family.

The Milwaukee River Watershed Conservation Partnership is bringing together a coalition of partners to mitigate flooding, improve water quality, and implement soil health management systems. 

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The Marquis Organic Dairy is protecting water quality and wildlife habitat on 246 acres in Newport, Vermont.

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Operation Spadefoot's volunteers group shot. A felled birch tree is ready for harvesting

The Little Traverse Conservancy is demonstrating how harvesting trees can benefit wildlife, the local economy and efforts to protect additional lands in Michigan.

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The University of Rhode Island is working to improve water quality and wildlife habitat in Rhode Island through expanded adoption of conservation practices near riparian areas.

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A row of spent corn, left as cover A flock of blackbirds in beach grass, and in the air

The Illinois Corn Growers Association’s Precision Conservation Management project uses partner-funded economic consultants to complement conservation activities, aiming to expand the use and effectiveness of NRCS programs. 

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The California Audubon Society worked with agricultural producers to keep California blackbird colonies from going extinct.

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