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Wisconsin Soil

As world population and food production demands rise, keeping our soil healthy and productive is of paramount importance. These resources are designed to help visitors understand the basics and benefits of soil health and learn about Soil Health Management Systems from farmers who use them.

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"Soil is the hidden, secret friend, which is the root domain of lively darkness and silence.

Francis D. Hole
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Natural Resource Concern: Soil

America’s vitality is rooted in the soil. Today, private landowners across the country are partnering with NRCS to conserve and improve soil.

Wisconsin Soil Resources

Soil Health
Soil Education
Soil Data Mart
Technical Soil Services
Soil Survey
The Wisconsin State Soil
Land & Soil Judging

Jennifer Smith

State Soil Scientist

Andrew Paolucci

Assistant State Soil Scientist/Soil Health Specialist

Craig Surman

State GIS Coordinator

Tyler Raeder

Wetland Compliance Coordinator