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Snow and Water Products Guide

Snow Survey and Water Supply Forecasting products provided by the National Water and Climate Center. This guide will be updated as new products are released and will be distributed annually in October.  

Air Temperature Bias Map

A map showing NRCS stations, color-coded based on whether the historical data for each has been unbiased. Hovering over each dot will provide a pop up with more information. Multiple additional views are accessible through the legend. 



Basin Charts

Drop down access to a variety of basin time series charts for snow water equivalent, precipitation, air temperature and reservoir storage. Add # and the two-letter state abbreviation to see data for a specific state. For example, add #CO to see Colorado data.



Interactive Map, NWCC

Interactive map display of AWDB data


User Guides: Interactive Map Guide to Views and Controls, Snow and Water Interactive Map Glossary


Report Generator     

Customizable on-demand reports for AWDB data.


User Guide: Report Generator Help Guide.pdf (


Reservoir Charts

Link is an example. Displays reservoir storage by basin within a selected state. Accessible via the basin charts link.



RESTful API AWDB Web Service

Access to machine-readable data from AWDB using a REST protocol.



Site Charts     

Drop downs for individual site time series charts by water year for snow water equivalent, precipitation, snow depth and air temperature.



Snow Depth Charts

Reached through Site plots page. A new AWS plot. Snow depth data over time. Link is an example. new - accessible via the basin or site plots charts separately



Snow to Flow 

Compare daily streamflow and SWE by water year for all forecast basins. Located in the Site Plots section of NWCC Apps, at the bottom of the page.



SOAP AWDB Web Service

Access to machine-readable data from AWDB using a SOAP protocol.


User Guide: AWDB Web Service User Guide.pdf (


Stacked charts

Monthly or daily SWE and Precipitation for a basin. Link is an example. Located in NWCC Apps, via the basin or site plots charts separately.



Streamflow Adjustment Calculator (SAC) equations        

Shows the terms used in creating unregulated naturalized streamflow volumes (SRVO) in AWDB. 



SWE Elevation charts

Monthly or daily snowpack by elevation for a basin. Link is an example. new - accessible via the basin or  charts link



Update Reports         

Provides AWDB data in a variety of formats and regions. This is a legacy product and basin definitions may not match those used in any other NWCC applications.


User Guide: Snow and Precipitation Update Report .pdf (


Water Supply Forecast Charts

Organizes forecasts by basin across western states, shown in exceedance range graphs.


User Guide: Water Supply Forecast Charts User Guide.pdf (


Watershed Characteristics Reports Areas of Interest, NWCC

Forecast basin maps and analysis to support understanding of basin hydrology for improved water supply forecasting and station network design. PDFs created by PSU under contract.



West Wide Reservoir Charts           

Reservoir storage across western states.