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Cattle graze foothills rangeland, Stillwater County, Montana

Stillwater County

Stillwater County has a total area of 1,805 square miles. Elevations range from 3,400 feet near Park City, MT in the mid-eastern part of county to 12,807 feet at Granite Peak in Park County near the Stillwater County line. Precipitation ranges from 12 inches in the northeast part of the county to 60 inches in the higher elevation mountainous terrain in the southern part of the county. The county is comprised of several river drainages, most of which ultimately flow into the Yellowstone River.

Nearly 90 percent of the approximately 904,000 acres of private land in the county is used for agricultural production. About 69,000 private acres of the county are forested, most of which are grazed. Acres not in farming operations are spread across State, BLM, urban areas, small acre landowners, and a large US Forest Service component. The NRCS office, located in Columbus, offers voluntary technical and financial assistance to private landowners interested in natural resource conservation based on a focused approach using long range planning with local input.


Current Financial Assistance Opportunities for Stillwater County Landowners​

In addition to these local projects, producers may also apply for statewide programs such as the Conservation Stewardship Program, national Environmental Quality Incentives Program initiatives, and conservation easement programs. For more information on these and other programs, see State Programs and Initiatives on the NRCS Montana webpage.

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