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State Office Contacts

Vermont State Office

356 Mountain View Dr
Suite #105
Colchester, VT 05446
(855) 794-3677
Mailing Address
356 Mountain View Dr
Suite #105
Colchester, VT 05446
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Welcome to the State Office website and directory. State level leadership activities happen here at the Colchester, VT office. See information below to reach out or contact program or technical specialists. For local support, contact your county level office or District Conservationist.

Key Contacts

Travis Thomason

State Conservationist

Angela Hyldburg

Executive Assistant

Trevor Saylor

State Public Affairs Specialist

Luis Aponte

Assistant State Conservationist- Field Operations

Nathan Hamilton

Acting Assistant State Conservationist - Programs and RCPP Coordinator

Christopher Best

Acting ASTC Management & Strategy/ Business Manager

Maggie Payne

State Soil Scientist (VT and MA)

Vermont State Office Technical and Administrative Specialists

Administrative Specialists
Name Position Phone Number Email
Bambi Allaire
Business Service Specialist
Joshua Allen
Outreach Coordinator
Sinorakhoune Bounmasanonh
Management Analyst
Bill Hamlet
Financial Resources Specialist
Matt Perry
Automation Assistant
Technical Specialists
Name Position Phone Number Email
Tom Akin
Conservation Agronomist
Toby Alexander
State Biologist/Forester
Joe Bondi
Natural Resources Specialist
Devon Brodie
Acting Resource Soil Scientist
Brandon Carpenter
Resource Conservationist
Jake Clay
Chadd Cupit
Resource Soil Scientist
Lorrie Doering
Farm Bill Assistant (ACES)
Stephi Drago
Jim Eikenberry
Wetlands Specialist
Jason Fleury
Easement Specialist
Julia Grey
Program Analyst
Allyson Hook
Civil Engineer
Felix Jimenez
State Grazing Specialist
Diane Ladue
Program Analyst
Xavier Rivera
Civil Engineer
Norm Smith
Technical Specialist (VACD)
Bob Sylvester
Resource Conservationist (ACES)
John Van Hoesen
State GIS Specialist
Heather Wetzstein
Resource Conservation
Name Position Phone Number Email