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2010-2012 Agricultural Air Quality Research Task Force

Documents and information presented at the 2010-2012 USDA Air Quality Task Force meetings.

Subcommittee Materials

Emissions Quantification, Measurement and Verification (EQMV) Subcommittee: No Materials

2011 September, Manhattan, Kansas

Federal Register Notice of Meeting

Invited Presentations

  • Welcome and NRCS Air Quality Issues in Kansas
  • NRCS Technology Update
  • EPA Updates
  • PM Sampler Update - Faulkner
  • PM Sampler Update - Vanderpool
  • Reactive Nitrogen in the Environment
  • Retaining the Existing Coarse PM NAAQS
  • Biogenic Carbon and Renewable Fuels
  • Field to Market
  • Flint Hills Burning Panel Discussion - Owensby
  • Flint Hills Burning Panel Discussion - Watson
  • Flint Hills Burning Panel Discussion - Blocksome
  • EQIP Air Quality Update

 Agency Overview, Issues, and Priorities

  • Forest Service
  • Agricultural Research Service

Subcommittee Materials 

  • Emissions Quantification Subcommittee: Recommendations
  • Air Quality Standards: Whitepaper and Recommendations
  • GHG and Biofuels Subcommittee: No Materials
  • Emerging Issues Subcommittee: Recommendation

2011 June, Washington, D.C.

  • Federal Register Notice of Meeting
  • Agenda

Invited Presentations

  • FACA Rules and Regulations 
  • Travel Regulations/Reimbursements 
  • Global Climate Change, Carbon Trading and Implications for American Agriculture 
  • EPA Updates
  • EQIP Air Quality Update
  • Atmospheric Deposition to the Chesapeake Bay
  • PM Sampler Update 

 Agency Overview, Issues and Priorities

  • NRCS Technology Overview
  • Agricultural Research Service
  • National Institute of Food and Agriculture 
  • Forest Service 
  • Economic Research Service

Prior Task Force Accomplishments and Subcommittees

  • Task Force Accomplishments
  • Livestock and Poultry Subcommittee
  • Reactive Nitrogen Subcommittee
  • Air Quality Standards Subcommittee 
  • Agricultural Equipment Subcommittee
  • Greenhouse Gasses and Biofuels Subcommittee