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Cool-Season Grasses for Saline Soils

Establishment of perennial cool-season forage grasses is a better alternative to annual cropping for addressing soil salinity problems that are now impacting over 10 million acres of cropland in the Northern Great Plains.

Maximizing Conservation Plantings with Grazing Management

The ultimate goal of any conservation planting is to protect our natural resources. For most farmers & ranchers, the success of these plantings depends on making the right management decisions so that these areas can be utilized while protecting the soil and providing wildlife habitat.

Eastern Red Cedar, making it a friend instead of foe

Taking advantage of cuttings from male eastern red cedar and adventitious rooting helps produce seedlings that provide the many conservation benefits without the negative drawbacks.

Cover Crops That Take the Heat

Plant Materials Centers in the Southeast are gathering data on different types of cover crops that landowners can use during the summer months.

Filling the Void of Adapted Plant Releases for the Southeastern U.S.

Regionally adapted native plants are critical to the success of conservation plantings.  The USDA NRCS Plant Materials Program and it's partners are working to develop conservation plant releases specifically adapted to the southeastern United States for use in restoration. 


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