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Cereal rye, taking it to the next level

Cereal rye is a popular cover crop because of versatility & performance. Work at the Kansas Plant Materials Center and Nationally is guiding cover crop selection beyond the species level.

Plant Selection Tools for Revegetation Efforts in the Southwest

Plant selection in the southwestern US and California is challenging. Plant adaptation information on the PM Program web site, using Ecological Site Descriptions, and California's eVeg Guide help make plant species choices for specific locations and NRCS conservation practices easier.

Improving Pollinator Buffer Establishment

The Norman A. Berg National Plant Materials Center project seeks to identify how seedbed preparation affects establishment of pollinator species

Planters Selection Key to Conservation Planting Success

Selecting the right planter and understanding its proper use is the first step in developing successful conservation plantings.

New Native Forbs Support Sage-Grouse and Native Pollinator Habitat

New native forb releases from the Idaho and Montana Plant Material Centers are enhancing sagebrush steppe restoration efforts by adding diversity and blooms to support native pollinators and sage-grouse habitat.


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