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Cooperating Programs

NRCS and its 25 Plant Materials Centers work with cooperating programs for the development of new conservation plants and new vegetative technology.  These programs are important for extending the capabilities and coverage of the NRCS Plant Materials Program to meet priorities for natural resource conservation efforts.  Here are a few of the programs we are currently working with.

Alaska Plant Materials Center, Palmer, Alaska

Alaska plant materials center logo

The Alaska Plant Materials Center was established in 1973 and is owned and operated by the State of Alaska, Department of Natural Resources.  The Center provides testing, production, development, and distribution of materials to meet environmental requirements and promote commercial development of native species. The Center's mission is to develop and transfer state-of-the-art plant science technology to support the Alaskan agriculture industry. The Alaska Plant Materials Center advances applied plant research through five major Programs: State Seed Laboratory; Native Plant Commercialization Project; the Foundation /Breeder Seed Program; the Seed Conditioning Technology Laboratory; and the Potato Seed Program and Land Use Laboratory. The Land Use Laboratory includes projects addressing invasive weed/agricultural pests and storm water pollution.  Go to the Alaska Plant Materials Center Web Site     

Upper Colorado Environmental Plant Center, Meeker, Colorado

Upper Colorado Plant Center Logo

The Upper Colorado Environmental Plant Center is a non-profit facility owned and operated by the Douglas Creek and White River Conservation Districts.  The Center works on revegetation of high elevation sites, to increase productivity of grazing lands in the cold desert, restore riparian zones, improve water quality, and enhance wildlife habitat.  The Upper Colorado Environmental Plant Center works with NRCS and other Federal partners to select new conservation plants, increase native species for revegetation efforts, and develop new plant information.  Go to Upper Colorado Environmental Plant Center Web Site     






Texas Native Seeds, Kingsville, Texas

Texas Native Seeds Logo

Texas Native Seeds (TNS) is a non-profit research and development program that works to enable native plant restoration across Texas. Our focal areas include developing commercially available, locally adapted native seed sources for all areas of Texas,  conducting applied restoration research to develop practical restoration methods, and disseminating findings and conducting educational activities in support of the restoration and conservation of native plant communities.  TNS is structured as a network of 6 collaborative regional projects to serve the diverse ecoregions and restoration needs of the state. Go to Texas Native Seeds Web Site