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Soil Erosion Tools

Soil erosion tools & links

The RHEM Web Tool is a web-based interface for the Rangeland Hydrology and Erosion Model (RHEM). RHEM is designed to provide sound, science-based technology to model and predict runoff and erosion rates on rangelands and to assist in assessing rangeland conservation practice effects.

Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation, Version 2 (RUSLE2) estimates soil loss caused by rainfall and its associated overland flow.

Water Erosion Prediction Program (WEPP) predicts water erosion with a process-based, distributed parameter, continuous simulation, model for use on personal computers running Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows7.

Wind Erosion Prediction System (WEPS) predicts many forms of soil erosion by wind such as saltation-creep and suspension including PM-10 using a process-based, continuous, daily time-step model that simulates weather, field conditions, crop growth, and hydrology.