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A newly constructed terrace helps control erosion on this crop field in Warren County, Iowa.

Iowa NRCS Engineering

The Iowa NRCS Engineering staff provides planning, design, and construction services to solve problems related to soil erosion, water quality, agricultural waste management, and wetland restoration.

Note: National engineering manuals, handbooks, and other engineering references may be found by either going to the national directives website. If you are looking for a Handbook, click on “Handbooks” at the menu on the left side of the screen. Then click on the “+” by Title 210 – Engineering. Then click on the “+” by National Engineering Handbook. The Sections and Parts of the Handbook will be shown. Click on the reference you want to use.

Engineering Manual

These manuals provide a framework for engineering through consistent application of engineering principles, science, and professional judgment.

National Engineering Manual


Our handbooks provide designers guidance in the use of basic engineering principles, techniques, and procedures for the planning, design, and maintenance of soil and water conservation practices.

National Engineering Handbook

Part 650 - Engineering Field Handbook (EFH)

Part 651 - Agricultural Waste Management Field Handbook (AWMFH)

Conservation Practice Standards & Construction Specifications

Iowa Engineering Fact Sheets

Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) Drawings and Support

These documents provide CAD users with guidance on typical NRCS CAD drawing procedures.

Iowa Engineering Forms

These forms include data, planning, requests and more. If you are having difficulties located a specific form please reach out to your local service center. We are ready to assist you!

NRCS Surveying

Survey equipment users can use these documents for guidance on typical NRCS surveying procedures using Trimble surveying equipment.

Additional Engineering Documents

Dam Owner Academy Videos from the Association of State Dam Safety Officials (ASDSO)


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