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JNSM Release Notes

JNSM Release Notes

South American soil moisture regime v1.6.0

Version 1.6.0

Date: 12/31/2012

The jNSM v1.5.1 was recently updated to jNSM v1.6.0 to correct an error in the bio5mst calculation (found in the original 1990’s source code). This error was only found to occur during individual year model runs and manifests with values greater than 360. For USDA-NRCS users, jNSM v1.6.0 is slated for CCE certification (#526925) and release via SCCM push again in December 2012.


South American Soil Moisture


Version 1.6.1

Date: 02/10/2016

The jNSM v1.6.0 software was recently updated to jNSM v1.6.1 to correct an error in the PET (potential evapo-transpiration) calculation. This error was only found to occur in the Southern Hemisphere and was discovered when using the jNSM v1.6.0 with gridded climate inputs. The error manifests with latitudinal stair-step artifacts (Figure 1) for all outputs that rely on PET. The corrected jNSM v1.6.1 code has removed the artifact (Figure 2). Many thanks to the USDA NRCS World Soil Resources staff for identifying and tracking down a solution for this PET calculation artifact. For USDA-NRCS users, jNSM v1.6.1 software has been CCE certificated (CRQ # 1072510) and is being released via SCCM push in early 2016.