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Grassed waterway conservation practice

EQIP - MI Current Year Sign-Up Information

Useful information and documents about the current year EQIP sign-up in Michigan. Program applications are accepted on a continuous basis.







Ranking Criteria for Fiscal Year 2024

Applications will be screened to quickly identify applications that would receive a high-ranking score based on the criteria established for a given ranking pool. This allows NRCS to streamline the evaluation process and identify applications that will maximize conservation benefits more efficiently.

High priority applications will be ranked and considered first.  As funding allows, lower priority applications will be ranked and considered.  

The following items will be considered in determining application priority:

• Applicants who failed to properly operate and maintain conservation practices or activities still within their lifespan and installed with program financial assistance. 
• Applicants with a contract violation for reasons within their control. NRCS may not screen a producer as lower priority for a contract violation if NRCS has not taken appropriate contract administrative action to enforce the contract. 
• Applicants who have had a previous contract terminated for reasons within their control

Fiscal Year 2024 Ranking Reports

Beginning Farmer (251.98 KB)
CIC Saginaw Bay (171.01 KB)
CIC St. Joe River (166.17 KB)
CIC Wildlife (182.04 KB)
Cropland (223.46 KB)
Cropland IRA (181.29 KB)
Livestock Systems (206.73 KB)
MAEAP (221.96 KB)
On-Farm Energy (177.43 KB)
Tribal (255.54 KB)
Urban Agriculture (229.05 KB)
Wildlife (214.36 KB)


NRCS-Michigan will be utilizing ACT NOW to process conservation applications to deliver a conservation product faster. ACT NOW allows NRCS to immediately approve and obligate a ranked application in a designated ranking pool when an eligible application meets or exceeds a state-determined minimum ranking score. This means no longer having to wait for all applications to be reviewed and preapproved in a ranking pool.

Threshold Scores & Preapprovals
Applications that meet the designated minimum ranking threshold score for each fund pool will be preapproved in the Selection Applications Tool (SAT), pending fund availability in the fund pool allocation. 

General Allocation Fund Pool Minimum Threshold Scores

  • Planning Activities - CPA, DIA, CEMA: 130
  • High Tunnel - Genesee & Wayne counties: 4
  • Pastureland: 70

IRA Allocation Fund Pool Minimum Threshold Scores

  • Cover Crop: 30
  • Pastureland: 30
  • Forestland: 20

 Fiscal Year 2024 Ranking Pools and Initiatives - coming soon