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Plant Materials Centers

West Virginia - Appalachian Plant Materials Center

385 Old Prison Farm Road
Alderson, WV 24910
Mailing Address
385 Old Prison Farm Road
Alderson, WV 24910
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Appalachian Plant Materials Center
Serving areas in the States of Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia

Established: 1998
Size: 184.41 acres
PMC Operation: NRCS
Land Ownership: NRCS

Spiked blazing star, Kentucky ecotype, shows promise a wildlife habitat improvement plant for a diversity of pollinator species.

The Appalachian Plant Materials Center (WVPMC) develops plants and plant technology to solve conservation problems in the Appalachian Region. The WVPMC evaluates plants and plant technology for the conservation of natural resources.

The Center addresses resource concerns involving pastureland forage, streambank stabilization, and wildlife habitat improvement.




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Employee Directory

USDA-NRCS Appalachian Plant Materials Center Staff
Name Position Phone Number Email
Issac Wolford
PMC Manager
Randall Lester
Assistant Manager
Warren Haynes
Biological Science Technician