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Plant Materials Centers

Oregon - Corvallis Plant Materials Center

3415 NE Granger Avenue
Corvallis, OR 97330-9620
Mailing Address
3415 NE Granger Avenue
Corvallis, OR 97330-9620
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Corvallis Plant Materials Center 
Serving areas in the States of California, Oregon, and Washington

Established: 1957
Size: 58 acres
PMC Operation: NRCS
Land Ownership: Oregon State University

Forage trials at the Corvallis Plant Materials Center, May 1, 2022

The Corvallis Plant Materials Center (ORPMC) provides plant solutions for western Oregon, western Washington, and northwestern California. The Center’s service area includes the northern Pacific Coast Range, Willamette Valley and Puget Sound, as well as Olympic, Cascade, and Siskiyou Mountains of western Washington and Oregon.

Degraded soil health due to compaction, loss of soil organic matter, poor soil structure, and low microbial activity is a primary resource concern on cropland, pastureland, and forestland. Erosion from heavy rainfall during the winter is a critical problem on cultivated cropland, heavy use areas of pastures, logging areas, and roadsides. Water quality is a main concern in areas of concentrated livestock, farming, and urban activities. Degraded streambanks, wetlands, and upland prairies need enhancement and restoration for fish and wildlife habitat. Native pollinators and beneficial insects need habitat enhancement to maintain their populations and provide important crop pollination and pest control services.

The Corvallis Plant Materials Center’s primary mission is to develop new technology in plant propagation and establishment, seed production, revegetation, and restoration, and to develop new native plant sources for use in wetlands, uplands, and riparian areas.


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Employee Directory

USDA-NRCS Corvallis Plant Materials Center Staff
Name Position Phone Number Email
Amy Bartow
PMC Manager
Ian Silvernail
Tyler Ross
Biological Science Technican
Associated Staff
Name Position Phone Number Email
Kathy Pendergrass
Plant Materials Specialist