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East National Technology Support Center

The East National Technology Support Center (ENTSC) for the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is located in Greensboro, NC.

About the East National Technology Support Center

In addition to the Director's Office, staff members comprise a Technology Transfer and Assistance Team of technical discipline specialists and two national technology teams responsible for acquiring and/or developing science-based technology for manure management and plants.

From timeless principles of soil conservation promoted by Hugh Hammond Bennett, such as cover crops and maintaining soil cover, to emerging natural resource issues, such as drought mitigation, climate change, and biosecurity, we provide training and technical assistance for conservation planning and resource assessment to states, partners, and the public.

Fun Fact: The birthplace of Hugh Hammond Bennett, father of soil conservation and first chief of our Agency, is located just a few miles from the East National Technology Support Center.

Technology Transfer and Assistance Team

The multidisciplinary Technology Transfer and Assistance Team provides direct technical assistance and technology transfer to the East service area states and Caribbean area. The team acquires and develops new technology, develops and maintains national technical standards and references, and builds collaboration and partnerships that lead to cutting-edge technology support and training.

National Animal Manure and Nutrient Management Team

The National Animal Manure and Nutrient Management Team provides domestic livestockmanure management, and nutrient management research findings, project updates, and information to staff and partners and evaluates new technology for manure handling, nutrient management, land application, and alternative manure use. The Team integrates current research and development into tools and practices for delivering assistance to livestock and other producers.

National Plant Data Team

The National Plant Data Team provides national and international leadership on plant information for the United States and its territories. The Team acquires, develops, and disseminates plant information to support USDA, NRCS and other efforts to improve the ecological health of the land. The Team maintains the PLANTS Database to support a variety of conservation activities.

East National Technology Support Center Webinars

The East National Technology Support Center presents multidisciplinary webinar training the last Wednesday of the month from 2:00 - 3:00 PM Eastern. We also feature webinars on special topics and initiatives throughout the year. Learn more about the Center's webinars.

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