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Continuing Education Information

Continuing Education Information

The National Technology Support Centers each consist of an interdisciplinary Technology Transfer and Assistance Team, along with special emphasis teams assigned to acquire and develop science-based technology.  There are three Centers nationwide, one in the East (Greensboro, NC), Central (Fort Worth, TX) and the West (Portland, OR). 

The Technology Transfer and Assistance Team consists of technical specialist of various disciplines and are responsible for providing technical assistance and technology transfer to each state within their assigned region.  

Often each team will add training to their respective webpage.  These trainings are generally in the form of webinars and are available for TSPs.  The East Center conducts monthly training on the last Wednesday of each month from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. EST. They also feature webinars on special topics and narratives throughout the year.  To learn more visit: East National Technology Support Center Webinar Training

East National Technology Support Center

•    Animal Manure and Nutrient Management 
•    Plant Data Team

Central National Technology Support Center

•    Grazing lands
•    Wetlands 
•    Wildlife

West National Technology Support Center

•    Energy
•    Air Quality and Atmospheric Change 
•    Water Quality and Quantity

NRCS Science & Technology Training Library

The Webinar Portal serves as a launching location for current and on-demand webinars. Natural resource professionals, landowners, and others visit this portal to remain current on diverse disciplines including forestry, conservation, bioenergy, and other topics related to natural resources. Diverse government, non-government organizations, and universities run the service. They include the Southern Regional Extension Forestry Office, North Carolina State University's Extension Forest Resources, Texas AgriLife Extension Service, other participating land-grant universities and several USDA agencies and offices, including Natural Resources Conservation Service, USDA Forest Service, and the USDA Northeast Climate Hub.

Conservation Professional Training Program

The Conservation Professional Training Program offers more than 100 conservation courses in three formats—online, classroom and field. Its network of experts can be accessed at any time online. Training topics cover all aspects of conservation—from conservation and nutrient management planning to healthy soils and forestry. Courses are open to all conservation and agricultural professionals including technical service providers.