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State Office Contacts

Pacific Islands Area State Office

300 Ala Moana Boulevard
Room #4-118
Honolulu, HI 96850
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 50004
Honolulu, HI 96850-0050
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State of Hawaii, Territory of American Samoa, Territory of Guam, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Republic of Palau, Federated States of Micronesia, and Republic of Marshall Islands.

American Samoa Field Office                      • Kaunakakai Service Center                        • Palau Service Center                          
Guam Service Center                                     • Kealakekua Service Center                        • Pohnpei Service Center
Hilo Service Center                                         • Lihue Field Office                                         • Saipan Service Center
Kahului Service Center                                  • Oahu Service Center                                    • Waimea Service Center

Employee Directory

Director's Staff
Name Position Phone Number Email
JB Martin
Acting Director
Executive Assistant
Kathryn Hong
Administrative Assistant
Mail & File Clerk
Area Office Staff
Name Position Phone Number Email
James Eller
Assistant Director for Field Operations (@ Hilo)
Jedidiah Dunn
Area Resource Specialist, Technology
Jocelyn Bamba
Area Resource Conservationist, Programs (Guam)
Maryanne Elisara
Program Assistant (@ American Samoa SC)
Andrew "Drew" Stout
Area Engineer (@ Waimea SC)
Ecological Sciences Staff
Name Position Phone Number Email
Michael Constantinides
Assistant Director for Technology
Jennifer Higashino
State Biologist / Environmental Compliance Liaison
Jill Ficke-Beaton (@ Hilo SC)
State Business Tools Specialist
Jason Hanson
State Agronomist
Carolyn Auweloa
State Grazing Lands Management Specialist (@ Waimea SC)
Mathew Cocking
State Forester
Heather Bailey
Ecological Sciences Staff (@ Hilo)
Engineering Staff
Name Position Phone Number Email
John Mathews
Assistant Director for Engineering
Sharon Sawdey
ACES - Watershed Planner
Management & Strategy Staff
Name Position Phone Number Email
Julie Fisher
Assistant Director for Management and Strategy
Bobbie Jones
Management Analyst (Working remotely from Auburn, NE)
Kurencio Ngowakl
Management Analyst (@ Guam SC)
Matthew Polen
Business Support Specialist
Johnny Mendoza
Financial Resources Specialist
Jeremiah Ulu
Management Analyst
Partnerships & Public Affairs Staff
Name Position Phone Number Email
Kori Hisashima
Acting Assistant Director for Partnerships
Terri Dux
ACES - Public Affairs Specialist
Annie Liu
Partnerships Intern (Pathways)
Judy Martinson
ACES - Management Analyst
Karl Mikasa
Program Assistant
Programs Staff
Name Position Phone Number Email
Nicholas Saumweber
Assistant Director for Programs
Morri-Ann Nagata
Resource Conservationist-Programs (@ Hilo SC)
Jill Ficke-Beaton
Resource Conservationist-Programs (@ Hilo SC)
Emily Isotalo
Program Analyst
Soil Science & Natural Resources Assessments Staff
Name Position Phone Number Email
Amy Koch
Assistant Director for Soil Science (@ Hilo SC)
Christopher Kennedy
State GIS Specialist (@ Hilo SC)
Amanda Upshaw
Natural Resources Specialist
Jennifer Fedenko
Soil Scientist (@ Kealakekua)