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State Office Contacts

Massachusetts State Office

451 West St
Amherst, MA 01002-2934
Mailing Address
451 West St
Amherst, MA 01002-2934
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Welcome! The Massachusetts State Office in Amherst, Mass. is the state headquarters for NRCS operations in the Bay State. If you're a farmer or forestland owner looking for help, please contact your local NRCS field office at a USDA Service Center. There are seven field offices in Massachusetts.

Key Contacts

Dan Wright

State Conservationist

State Office Employee Directory

State Conservationist's Office
Name Position Phone Number Email
Dan Wright
State Conservationist
Rachael Phillips-Barnes
Assistant State Conservationist for Field Operations
Management and Strategy
Name Position Phone Number Email
Lisa Greenwood
Assistant State Conservationist for Management and Strategy
Nicholas Mulvaney
Financial Resource Specialist
Holly Nemeth
Administrative Support Assistant
William Peek
Business Service Specialist
Name Position Phone Number Email
Deron Davis
State Conservation Engineer
Manuel Díaz
Civil Engineer
William Breed
Civil Engineer
Griffin Pelaia
Civil Engineer
Xavier Rivera
Assistant State Conservation Engineer
Name Position Phone Number Email
John Loomis
Outreach Coordinator
Public Affairs
Name Position Phone Number Email
Public Affairs Specialist
Farm Bill Programs
Name Position Phone Number Email
Rita Thibodeau
Assistant State Conservationist for Programs / RCPP Coordinator
Natashia Sawabi
Natural Resource Specialist - Easements
Vince Snyder
State Program Specialist
Laura McPherson
Management and Program Analyst
Michael Mahoney
Area Easement Specialist
Ecological Sciences
Name Position Phone Number Email
Catherine MaGee
State Resource Conservationist
Michelle Cozine
Lisa Gilbert
Natural Resource Specialist / Business Tools Coordinator
Daniel Lenthall
Resource Conservationist
Kate Parsons
Resource Conservationist / Team Lead - Forest & Pastureland
Elizabeth Bazluke
GIS Specialist
Alexander Wu
Soil Conservationist (Reports to Rachael Phillips-Barnes, ASTC-FO)
Name Position Phone Number Email
Maggie Payne
State Soil Scientist (located in Wareham)
David Zimmermann
Resource Soil Scientist
National Agricultural Pesticide Risk Analysis (NAPRA) Team
Name Position Phone Number Email
Joseph K. Bagdon
Pest Management Specialist
Eric S. Hesketh
Soil Scientist
Stephen Plotkin
Water Quality Specialist (Coop. Extension employee)