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Farmed Wetland Hydrology Indicators

NRCS uses farmed wetland hydrology indicators to determine if the unique Farmed Wetland exemption is met for wetlands that were partially converted before December 23, 1985.

A farmed wetland is a wetland that prior to December 23, 1985, was manipulated and used to produce an agricultural commodity at least once before December 23, 1985, and on December 23, 1985, did not support woody vegetation, and met the following hydrologic criteria: If not a playa, pocosin, or pothole, experienced inundation for 15 consecutive days or more during the growing season or 10 percent of the growing season, whichever is less, in most years (50 percent chance or more).  Note: farmed wetlands that are playas, pocosins, or potholes have different hydrology criteria.

One of the ways the NRCS identifies if this unique inundation criteria is met is through the observation of wetland hydrology indicators as identified in the local NRCS Field Office Technical Guide.

Below is a list of farmed wetland indicators used in the following States. States not listed below may identify farmed wetlands using offsite methods or analytic techniques such as drainage equations.  Any questions can be directed to your local service center.

State Farmed Wetland Hydrology Indicators

Alabama (2.45 MB)
Alaska (2.45 MB)
Arizona (2.45 MB)
Arkansas (354.55 KB)
California (3.27 MB)
Caribbean Area (2.45 MB)
Colorado (2.45 MB)
Connecticut (2.45 MB)
Delaware (2.39 MB)
Florida (2.45 MB)
Georgia (2.45 MB)
Idaho (2.45 MB)
Illinois (1.99 MB)
Indiana (347.35 KB)
Iowa (2 MB)
Kansas (2.45 MB)
Kentucky (2.46 MB)
Louisiana (596.12 KB)
Maine (982.29 KB)
Maryland (2.39 MB)
Massachusetts (2.45 MB)
Minnesota (1.82 MB)
Mississippi (2.38 MB)
Missouri (2 MB)
Montana (2.45 MB)
Nebraska (2.45 MB)
Nevada (2.45 MB)
New Hampshire (982.47 KB)
New Jersey (2.45 MB)
New Mexico (2.45 MB)
New York (2.45 MB)
North Carolina (2.45 MB)
Ohio (2.45 MB)
Oklahoma (2.45 MB)
Oregon (2.45 MB)
Pennsylvania (2.56 MB)
Rhode Island (2.45 MB)
South Carolina (2.45 MB)
Tennessee (1.06 MB)
Texas (2.29 MB)
Utah (2 MB)
Vermont (2.45 MB)
Virginia (654.18 KB)
Washington (2.45 MB)
West Virginia (1.88 MB)
Wisconsin (2.45 MB)
Wyoming (2.45 MB)