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Pennsylvania Initiatives

NRCS uses Landscape Conservation Initiatives to accelerate the benefits of voluntary conservation programs, such as cleaner water and air, healthier soil and enhanced wildlife habitat. 

NRCS conservation programs help agricultural producers improve the environment while maintaining a vibrant agricultural sector.  

These initiatives enhance the locally driven process to better address nationally and regionally important conservation goals that transcend localities.  They build on locally led efforts and partnerships, and they’re based on science. Through the initiatives, NRCS and its partners coordinate the delivery of assistance where it can have the most impact. Where applicable, NRCS works with regulators to help producers get predictability for their use of voluntary conservation systems or practices, giving them peace of mind they can sustain agricultural production in the future.

These landscape-level efforts have seen success across the country. From the removal of streams from federal impaired streams list to the determination not to list the greater sage-grouse and New England cottontail, NRCS’ work with producers benefits wildlife, natural resources and agricultural operations across the country.

Since establishing the initiatives under the 2008 Farm Bill, NRCS has used successes and lessons learned to enhance the delivery of the initiatives. With tools like the Regional Conservation Partnership Program, the 2018 Farm Bill further emphasizes the focus on building effective partnerships and obtaining meaningful results for key natural resource concerns.

Pennsylvania's landscape initiatives include the following:

Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) - Through GLRI, NRCS provides farmers and private landowners within priority watersheds technical and financial assistance to implement conservation practices that will benefit their own lands as well as the Great Lakes ecosystem.

National Water Quality Initiative (NWQI)- the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) offers financial and technical assistance to farmers and forest landowners interested in improving water quality and aquatic habitats in priority watersheds with impaired streams.

Organic Farming Initiative - for operations that are either Certified Organic or are Transitioning to Organic Production.

Seasonal High Tunnel Initiative - Funding for installing high tunnels and associated supporting practices.