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Stakeholder meeting in Winnett, Montana

Local Working Groups - Montana

Local working group meetings are convened by local conservation districts with NRCS support to secure stakeholder feedback that helps to guide conservation priorities for the county.

Typically, local working group meetings are convened by the local conservation district on an annual basis for a minimum of one meeting per year, with NRCS support. At local working group meetings farmers, landowners, conservation partners and other members of the community discuss the natural resource needs for the county. Based on feedback from those meetings, NRCS works with partners to update the county's long range plan and develops new Targeted Implementation Plans to address those resource concerns. You may contact your local NRCS office anytime to express concerns or comments about conservation needs in the county, and we encourage you to attend the next local working group meeting in your county.

The agenda for local working group meetings that help conservation districts, NRCS field offices, and local stakeholders to identify and prioritize local resource concerns may include the following items. Individual meetings may vary in order to meet local needs.

  • Welcome
  • Introductions
  • Review of prior LWG minutes
  • Review of local resource concerns
  • Review of prioritization of local resource concerns
  • General discussion
  • Closing

View Local Working Group meetings to see all scheduled meetings; or see What's Available in My County to find your local working group meeting details.