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Nutrient management, Delaware

Technical Resources, Engineering and Soils Overview

NRCS in Delaware offers landowners and agricultural stakeholders assistance related to technical resources, engineering and soils to help conserve the nation's natural resources. Scroll below to find specific information related to each discipline. 

Helpful Links

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Technical Resources

NRCS in Delaware uses science-based technology to provide technical assistance to land owners, land operators and others to benefit the soil, water, air, plants, and animal for productive lands and healthy ecosystems. Delaware's Technical Resources page contains information related to agronomy, biology, GIS, nutrient management, pest management, Delaware's Poultry Pilot Environmental Assessment, and Soil Health. Click here for more information


The Delaware NRCS Engineer staff provides technical leadership and guidance to NRCS staff, conservation partners, and private landowners. Engineering staff applies sound engineering tools and principles to help plan, design, and implement conservation practices to solve problems related to soil erosion, water quality, agricultural waste management, and wetland restoration.


The Delaware soils team provides scientifically defensible and timely delivery of technical soils information to internal and external partners to meet their ever-changing resource challenges. Accurate soils information is the foundation on which NRCS and many partners base their resource initiatives on.


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