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RCA Data Viewer

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New RCA Data Viewer Visualizations RCA Data Viewer Dashboards now provide data visualizations and greater ease of access to RCA data. Users can graph, map, and download customized datasets based on practices applied through NRCS programs and survey data on land use, soil erosion, and prime farmland from the National Resources Inventory (NRI). State and national data on conservation practices cover fiscal years 2005-2020. 2017 National Resources Inventory are also available, at 5-year intervals, for 1982-2017 at the state and national levels.

The Soil and Water Resources Conservation Act (RCA) provides broad natural resource strategic assessment and planning authority for the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). The purpose of the RCA is to ensure that USDA programs for the conservation of soil, water, and related resources are responsive to the long-term needs of the Nation. 


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