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Wetland Mitigation Banking Program - 2022 Project Summaries

Wetland Mitigation Banking Program - 2022 Project Summaries

Magnolia Land Partners LLC
NRCS Funding Amount: $696,412; Partner Funds: $220,000
State:  Indiana

MAGNOLIA LAND PARTNERS seeks to establish 40 acres of restored forested wetlands in Southeastern Indiana. A statewide agreement will be developed to support the establishment of two bank sites. Magnolia Land Partners will work with Indiana NRCS staff to plan its sites in watersheds with significant wetland mitigation demand from producers.

Farmers First Bank Sites
NRCS Funding Amount: $1,000,000; Partner Funds: $1,015,170
State: Michigan 

FARMERS FIRST BANK SITES plans to develop four wetland bank sites which will service five areas throughout southern and mid-Michigan.  A total of 127 acres of wetlands will be restored, enhanced, or created. Credit costs will be discounted for historically underserved producers. 

CORBLU Ecology Group LLC
NRCS Funding Amount: $499,531; Partner Funds: $146,610
State: Georgia

CORBLU ECOLOGY GROUP LLC will expand its existing mitigation banking effort to add an additional 50 acres of restored wetlands in the Coastal Plains Region of Southern Georgia. CORBLU Ecology Group is partnering with the Athens Land Trust to explore opportunities for engaging new and low-income producers.

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
NRCS Funding Amount: $812,000; Partner Funds: $262,457
State: Wisconsin

WISCONSIN DNR seeks to enhance its existing agricultural wetland mitigation banking program by developing and additional 30 wetland credits on two sites in Dane and Milwaukee Counties in southern Wisconsin.  Dane County Land and Water Resources and Milwaukee County Parks are additional partners on the project.  

South Dakota Farm Bureau
NRCS Funding Amount $998,000; Partner Funds: $342,505
State: South Dakota

SOUTH DAKOTA FARM BUREAU proposes the expansion of its existing South Dakota wetland mitigation banking effort to meet mitigation needs of Nebraska producers. The project will restore an additional five bank sites creating 200 mitigation credits. South Dakota Farm Bureau will partner with Minnehaha and Beadle County Soil and Water Conservation Districts to secure easements on the restored sites. 

Iowa Ag Mitigation Inc. 
NRCS Funding Amount $684,000; Partner Funds: $207,000
State Iowa

IOWA AG MITIGATION INC. proposes to add 60 acres of restored wetlands to its existing mitigation banking efforts. Additionally, 150 acres of buffers will be established with this funding. Water quality will benefit through the permanent capping of drainage wells on the restoration sites. Wright County in north central Iowa is the target region for this project.