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Mixed cover crop including sunflower, millet and sorghum, Sheridan County, Montana

Soil Health, A Montana Perspective - Tools for Soil Health Video Series

Principles of soil health can be adapted for use in all environments, including those found in Montana. In this video series, Montana farmers and ranchers who have been using these tools to build soil health provide practical information to those interested in the topic.

A handful of soil is examined.

Tools for Soil Health - Overview

This five-minute segment in the Soil Health, A Montana Perspective video series provides a general overview of the soil health topic.

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Young bean plants emerge through wheat stubble.

Tools for Soil Health - No Till

This five-minute video discusses no till. No till is a method of farming that does not disturb the soil with tillage; but simply plants a crop into the previous crop’s residue and the undisturbed soil.

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A crop rotation of wheat, peas, corn and sunflowers.

Tools for Soil Health - Crop Rotation

This five-minute video discusses crop rotation. A conservation crop rotation increases crop diversity by growing different types of crops in a planned cropping sequence.

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Mixed cover crop including legumes and grasses.

Tools for Soil Health - Cover Crop 

This five-minute video discusses cover crop. Cover crops have traditionally been used to reduce erosion or add nitrogen to soil. But they do even more.

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Opening a segment of temporary fence allows sheep to move from one paddock to the next.

Tools for Soil Health - High Stock Density Grazing

This six-minute video discusses high stock density grazing. Livestock are confined to small areas of pasture, generally with portable, electric fence for very short time periods.

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Cows, during winter, graze amidst large rolls of hay.

Tools for Soil Health - Bale Grazing

This five-minute video discusses bale grazing. Bale grazing can be a useful tool to build soil health while saving you money and time.

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