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Pollinator field border provides habitat and food source for pollinator insects. Deakin Farms, Pondera County, MT.

Pollinators - Montana Resources

NRCS Montana guides, publications, videos and related resources relating to pollinators.

Montana Pollinator Publications

The Montana and Wyoming Plant Materials Program offers the following publications on the topic of pollinators. Find them by entering the publication title in the search box on Plant Materials Technical Documents Search.

  • How to Choose a Good Pollinator Seed Mix
  • Montana Native Plants for Pollinator-Friendly Plantings
  • Plants for Pollinators in the Intermountain West
  • Spring and Fall Seeded Native Plants for Enhancing Pollinator Habitat

Find additional pollinator-related technical documents for Montana in the Field Office Technical Guide, Montana, Biology Technical Notes.

The following educational booklet developed by NRCS in Montana for kids is meant to be downloaded and printed. Young children may need help with the reading but can enjoy coloring or painting the pictures on their own.

Honeycomb frame from home bee boxes. Deakin Farms, Pondera County, MT.

Montana Pollinator Videos

Many food crops require pollination and apiaries are found throughout Montana. Working with NRCS, many Montana landowners also support native pollinators by planting cover crops, trees, shrubs, and flowers for diverse pollinator habitat.

Montana Pollinator Success Stories

Hear from Montana farmers and ranchers who have been working with NRCS to help pollinators thrive. Read their stories.

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