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Cattle in concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO). 3-F Dairy, Gallatin County, MT.

Livestock/Animal Feeding Operations - Montana

Information from NRCS Montana about animal feeding operations and manure management.

NRCS District Conservationist Chris Mahony, Producer Gary Flikkema and NRCS District Conservationist Justin Meissner at 3-F Dairy, Gallatin County, MT.

Montana Livestock/Animal Feeding Operations Videos

These videos tell the stories of Montana farmers and ranchers who have worked with NRCS to address animal feeding and/or confinement locations along streams to improve water quality, livestock health, and the operations of their farm or ranch.

Montana Livestock/Animal Feeding Operations Success Stories

Montana farmers and ranchers have been working to improve water quality and livestock health in their operations.

Read their stories.

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