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Iowa NRCS Intraoffice Instructions

Intraoffice instructions can be used by state, area or field offices to provide specific instructions to employees within that office on a subject of interest.

110 - ADM - Management (A-76 Activities/Meeting Attendance)

120 - ADS - Administrative Services (Procurement/Agreements/Forms/Property/File Management)

130 - AGN - Agency General (Crisis Preparedness/Essential Records/Physical Protection)

270 - IRM - Information Resources Management (Model Coordination/Systems Planning/Technical Reviews/Security/Equipment Technology/Telecommunications/Database Mgmt/Software Development/Computer Operations)

360 - PER - Personnel (Employment/Classification and Position Mgmt/Leave/Pay Admin/Employee Relations/Standards and Ethical Conduct/Investigations/Personnel Security/Discipline/Grievance System/Reduction in Force/Labor Mgmt/Campaigns and Drives)