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Iowa NRCS Bulletins: Fiscal Year 2022

What are bulletins?
Bulletins are internal temporary direction that expire at the end of the fiscal year following the year they are issued; and to make announcements or one-time requests from the field. Bulletins cannot change, be deleted, added to, cancelled or transmit permanent directives.

110 - ADM: Management (A-76 Activities/Meeting Attendance)
120 - ADS: Administrative Services (Procurement/Agreements/Forms/Property/File Management)
130 - AGN: Agency General (Crisis Preparedness/Essential Records/Physical Protection)
140 - SPA: Strategic Planning and Policy Analysis (Appraisal/Program Development/Evaluation and Analysis/Impact/Data Collection/Evaluation Criteria/Performance Indicators/Projections)
150 - BAP: Basin and Area Planning (Floodplain Management/River Basin Studies/Water Policy/Interagency Coordination)
160  - BDG: Budget Planning and Analysis (Estimates/Congressional Review/Explanatory Notes/Funding Allocations/General Accounting/OGC/OMB/Enacted Appropriation/OIG)
170 - CGI: Cartography and Geographic Information Systems (Aerial Photography/Digitizing/Maps & Drawings/Requests for Services/Sensor Data)
180 - CPA: Conservation Planning and Application (Districts/Technical Assistance)
190 - ECS: Ecological Sciences (Agronomy/Biology/Wetlands/Wildlife Habitat/Endangered Species/Forestry/Plant Materials/Range/Reclamation/Recreation/Soil Quality/Soil Management/Carbon Sequestration/Water Quality/Soil Biology)

200 - ECN: Economics (Economic Analyses/Economic Impacts/Economic Research/Benefit-Cost Analyses)
210 - ENG: Engineering (Conservation Practices/Construction/Design/Drainage/Erosion Control/Energy/Hydrology/Irrigation/Maintenance/Grouting/Soil Mechanics/Specifications/Landscape Architecture/Environmental Engineering/Surveying/Dam Safety)
220 - EVC: Environmental Coordination (Environmental Justice)
230 - EOP: Equal Opportunity (Complaint System/EEO Plan/Sexual Harassment/Special Emphasis Programs/Civil Rights)
250 - FNM: Financial Management (Accounting/Budget Execution/Fiscal Operations)
260 - INF: Public Information (Audiovisual and Visual/Broadcasting/Education/History/Manuscripts/Campaigns/Awards/Special Events/Media/Newsletters/News/Photography/Printing/Publications/Speeches/Earth Team)
270 - IRM: Information Resources Management (Model Coordination/Systems Planning/Technical Reviews/Security/Equipment Technology/Telecommunications/Database Mgmt/Software Development/Computer Operations)
280 - INC: International Conservation
290 - INV: Resources Inventory (Inventory/Monitoring)

300 - LTP: Land Treatment Programs (FSA Assisted Activities/EQIP/WRP/WHIP/GLCI)
310 - LNU: Land Use (Assistance/Community Planning/Taxation/Floodplain and Wetlands Mgmt/Land Use Planning/Land Use Policy/Regional Planning/Development Rights)
320 - LEG: Legislative Affairs (Federal Law/Legislative Action/Legislative Contacts/State and Local Law)
330 - MGT: Operations Management (Appraisals/Audits/Mgmt Analyses/Cost Reduction/Problem Reporting/Productivity/Progress Reports/Schedules/Summary Printouts/Time and Progress Analysis/Work Organization)
340 - SPA: Strategic Planning and Accountability
360 - PER: Personnel (Employment/Classification and Position Mgmt/Leave/Pay Admin/Employee Relations/Standards and Ethical Conduct/Investigations/Personnel Security/Discipline/Grievance System/Reduction in Force/Labor Mgmt/Campaigns and Drives)
390 - PDF: Project Development and Maintenance (Watershed Protection/Flood Prevention/RC&D/EWP/Watershed Rehab)

400 - PPC - Public Participation Coordination (Consumer Affairs/Public Participation Interest List/Techniques/Reviewable Record)
410 - RDV - Rural Development (Organization/Rural Communities/Family Farms/Native Americans)
420 - SSC - Social Sciences
430 - SOI - Soil Survey (Classification/Interpretations/Investigations/Operations/Soil Correlation/Techniques/Resource Areas/General Soils Maps/World Soils Resources)
440 - PGM - Programs
450 - TCH - Science and Technology (Technical Guides/Metric Conversion)
460 - WQP - Water Quality Project Implementation