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Iowa NRCS soil health specialists inspect soils on corn ground in southwest Iowa.

Soil Health ABCs

Iowa NRCS is celebrating Back to School by featuring the ABCs of Soil Health.

  • Soil Health ABCs
    Life is remarkably ABUNDANT in health soil.
  • Soil BACTERIA are key for soil fertility and plant health.
  • COVER CROPS feed the soil, prevent erosion and build organic matter.
  • Plant variety builds soil health by feeding micro-organisms a DIVERSE diet.
  • EARTHWORMS are a farm's architect for building soil health.
  • Billions of FUNGI, bacteria and micro-organisms are in 1 teaspoon of healthy soil.
  • The sticky secret called GLOMALIN builds a strong soil structure.
  • Healthy soil builds HOPE for a healthier future. Thank you farmers!
  • Watch how reduced tillage and healthy soil improve INFILTRATION.
  • Healthy soil does a better JOB at boosting farm productivity.
  • We need the vast KINGDOM of living soil organisms to survive.
  • Behold our LIVING soil. Health soil is teeming with life - above and below.
  • There are more MICROBES in 1 teaspoon of healthy soil than people on earth.
  • This North Dakota farmer eliminated synthetic NUTRIENTS by farming for soil health.
  • Soil health management builds ORGANIC MATTER, increasing water holding capacity.
  • PROTOZOA release nitrogen used by plants and members of the food web.
  • Soil health improves water QUALITY and other off-farm benefits.
  • Healthy soils store more water and are more RESILIENT during dry and wet periods.
  • SPADE or shovel is your #1 soil health evaluation tool.
  • TILLAGE can damage well-structured healthy soil.
  • Want to learn more about soil health? UNLOCK the Secrets.
  • What is the VALUE of improving soil health? Get this free kit and find out.
  • Healthy soil protects WATER quality by resisting erosion.
  • XTRA, XTRA! You read about it on the Iowa NRCS website.
  • Healthy soils protect YIELDS and productivity in time of drought.
  • Read about local producers who farm with a real ZEAL for soil health.