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Montana Soil Health Publications

Soil health publications from NRCS in Montana

Cover Crop Tips for Montana

Cover crop is one of the tools that agricultural producers can use to improve soil health. Eighteen tips for growing successful cover crops in Montana are presented in the following colorful in this colorful infographic.

Mixed cover crop including sunflower, millet and sorghum, Sheridan County, Montana

Economics of Reduced Tillage in Sugar Beets

The report compares management strategies of six farmers growing sugar beets across central and eastern Montana before and after the implementation of reduced tillage including modeled changes in soil disturbance, predictions of the effect of management on soil organic matter, and economic analysis.

Sugar beets in a no-till cropping system in Carbon County, Montana

Gardening for Soil Health in Montana

Have you heard the buzz about soil health? It’s not just for farmers and ranchers! Gardeners in Montana can also use five simple principles to improve soil health which decreases water and fertilizer use and, most importantly, makes your food more nutritious.

Organic cabbage plants in mulched garden

Montana Soil Health Assessment Card

The Montana Soil Health Assessment Card is a quick and simple method to assess cropland soil health. All it takes is a shovel, water bottle, knife, professional experience, and less than 30 minutes to complete a basic assessment in the field.


Picture Your Residue Guide

Use these photographs to get a mental picture of various levels of small grain residue. Take this with you to your fields to compare your levels of residue with these pictures.

Little bare soil is visible with 70 percent residue.