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Farm at sunrise in New Jersey.

New Jersey Strategic Plan

The 2022-2027 NRCS New Jersey Strategic Plan consists of three primary strategic goals. These strategic goals provide broad aims for our state and paint a picture of success. 

New Jersey State Conservationist Julie Hawkins poses for a photo.

The New Jersey Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS NJ) is honored and privileged to work alongside the state’s land stewards helping to conserve, maintain, restore, and protect our natural resources. Our mission of ‘helping people help the land’ would not be possible without the authorities and core programs which enable us to offer voluntary technical and financial assistance or the valuable partnerships we’ve formed with our federal, state, and local conservation allies to sustain productive lands and maintain healthy and resilient ecosystems.

Therefore, when we began this journey to develop a strategic plan, we knew incorporating the thoughts and opinions of our employees and partners were necessary to provide the energy and insights critical to meeting our mission. We gathered input from nearly all our employees and many stakeholders.

Together, we have identified three key goals in an effort to achieve our vision:

  • Workforce: Cultivate and retain a highly skilled, empowered, and diverse workforce unified in our mission and dedicated to promoting a culture of trust.
  • Conservation and Service Delivery: Deliver intentional, practical, and impactful conservation activities and solutions to reach a diverse customer and land base.
  • Land Base: Broaden implementation of innovative techniques on non-traditional land bases resulting in greater conservation and preservation for the benefit of New Jersey’s communities.

We thrive on the fact that we play a role in helping farms and our land stewards be sustainable now and into the future. This plan will serve as a clear vision of our priorities and a roadmap for the programs and services we will provide over the next five years. To succeed in achieving our objectives we have established methodologies for execution, tools to track our progress, and dedicated and responsible NRCS staff committed to reaching our goals.

We view this strategic plan as a living document that we will continuously evaluate to ensure we remain on course and to track our progress. We are excited to share it with all of you. 

Julie Hawkins