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Plant Materials Centers

Washington - Pullman Plant Materials Center

4900 SE Terre View Drive
Pullman, WA 99163
Mailing Address
4900 SE Terre View Drive
Pullman, WA 99163
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Pullman Plant Materials Center 
Serving areas in the States of Idaho, Oregon, and Washington

Established: 1935
Size: 156.5 acres
PMC Operation: NRCS
Land Ownership: NRCS 

Image of radish cover crop trial in bloom with white flowers in plots with trees in the background

The Pullman Plant Materials Center (WAPMC) in Pullman, Washington provides conservation plant solutions for North Idaho, Eastern Washington, and Eastern Oregon. The Center focuses on providing vegetative technologies for conservation and soil health in cropland, orchards & vineyards, rugged scablands, forests, and native rangelands to NRCS field staff.

The service area of the Center faces many resource challenges. Winter winds strip unprotected topsoil and create dust clouds that degrade air quality for people living downwind. Melting snow erodes unprotected soil that pollutes receiving waters. Many of the region’s streams are important for salmon and steelhead trout spawning and rearing.



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Employee Directory

USDA-NRCS Pullman Plant Materials Center Staff
Name Position Phone Number Email
Steven Lee
PMC Manager
Dallas Spellman
Biological Science Technician
Melissa DeLeon
Biological Science Technician