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Nevada - Great Basin Plant Materials Center Highlights



Conserve and enhance soil resources with plant science and technology

  • Develop native plants to restore sagebrush steppe habitat, mitigating the effects of invasive exotic downy brome (cheatgrass) and the repeated intense wildfires it fuels, which alter the chemistry and biology of rangeland soils.
  • Conduct research on improved methods for revegetation of disturbed sites to enhance greater sage-grouse habitat.
  • Demonstrate alternative crops and cropping systems to improve soil health and productivity in Great Basin agriculture.


Improve water quality and quantity with plant science and technology

  • Revegetation of disturbed riparian corridors after control of invasive perennial weeds to mitigate the threat of reduced water supply to the desert terminal lakes in the Great Basin.
  • Demonstrate low water use alternative crops for Great Basin agricultural production.


Improve air quality with plant science and technology

  • The native plants and technology developed at Great Basin PMC can be used to stabilize vulnerable soil of abandoned farmlands and other disturbed sites to reduce the frequency and severity of hazardous dust storms.