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NRCS Missouri Announces Agricultural Conservation Easement Program (ACEP) Application Deadline

Agricultural Conservation Easement Program (ACEP)

Landowners should apply by Jan. 26, 2024, for FY 2024 funding.

The Missouri Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is now accepting applications for the Agricultural Conservation Easement Program (ACEP), which helps producers enroll wetlands, grasslands and farmlands into conservation easements. 

While ACEP applications are accepted year-round, Missouri producers and landowners should apply by Jan. 26, 2024, to be considered for funding in the current cycle. Applications received after the ranking date will automatically be considered during the next funding cycle. Funding is provided through a competitive process.

“ACEP aids landowners and eligible entities with conserving, restoring and protecting wetlands, productive agricultural lands and grasslands,” said Acting Easement Coordinator Scott Siegfried. “NRCS conservation easements have a tremendous footprint in the U.S. at more than 5 million acres, or 58,000 square miles enrolled.”

ACEP enrollment options

  • ACEP-Wetland Reserve Easements (WRE): Helps restore, protect and enhance wetlands on eligible land. Wetland Reserve Easements are either perpetual, 30 years or maximum duration under State law, or 30 years for Indian Tribes.
  • ACEP-Agricultural Land Easements (ALE): Protects farmlands and grasslands by limiting non-agricultural uses of the land. Agricultural Land Easements are either perpetual or the maximum duration allowed under State law.

Agricultural Conservation Easement Program

The Program protects the agricultural viability and related conservation values of eligible land by limiting nonagricultural uses, which negatively affect agricultural uses and conservation values, protect grazing uses and related conservation values by restoring or conserving eligible grazing land, and protecting and restoring and enhancing wetlands on eligible land.

Inflation Reduction

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) included $1.4 billion in additional funding for ACEP over five years, and it revised ACEP authority, providing Inflation Reduction Act funding for easements that will most reduce, capture, avoid or sequester greenhouse gas emissions, and extending regular program funding through fiscal year 2031. NRCS is streamlining ACEP, to ensure that the program is easier and more convenient to utilize, and to strengthen implementation of the Inflation Reduction Act. Specifically, NRCS is streamlining ACEP appraisals, land surveys, and certifying eligible entities who help NRCS and producers enroll land into agricultural land easements. In addition, NRCS is expanding the national priority areas eligible for Inflation Reduction Act funding for ACEP easements. For more information, see our fact sheet, ACEP and the Inflation Reduction Act.

How to Apply

NRCS in Missouri will accept applications through Jan. 26, 2024. Visit your local NRCS Missouri field office or contact Acting Easement Coordinator Scott Siegfried at

For more information about NRCS programs and assistance, visit