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Success Story

Healing Patients on the Farm: Dr. Ron Weiss

By Suzanne Pender, USDA
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Dr. Ron Weiss smiles and holds up produce.

Most people don’t look forward to spending time at their doctor’s office, but Dr. Ron Weiss’s office isn’t typical of most health care facilities. His practice, Ethos Health, is in the center of an organic fruit and vegetable farm in Long Valley, New Jersey.

Dr. Weiss and his family bought an 18th Century farm on 342 acres, where he sees his patients, grows food, conserves habitat, and heals the land. Two farmers help Weiss with the farm and run the Doctor’s Farm Market, with “doctor’s tips” and “doctor’s recipes” next to each fruit and vegetable.

Read the full story to learn how NRCS has worked with Dr. Weiss.

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