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State Office Contacts

West Virginia State Office

1550 Earl L Core Rd.
Suite 200
Morgantown, WV 26505
Mailing Address
1550 Earl L Core Rd.
Suite 200
Morgantown, WV 26505
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The state office is the base of NRCS operations in West Virginia and is located in Morgantown, Monongalia County. The state office houses NRCS-WV leadership and a team of technical and administrative staff who provide direct guidance and support to 29 field offices throughout the state.

Welcome to NRCS in West Virginia!

stc wv jon bourdon

Jon Bourdon, State Conservationist

West Virginia NRCS, led by our State Conservationist and our State Leadership Team, serves diverse agricultural needs through two area offices, 29 field offices, and a Plant Materials Center. We provide voluntary, cost-effective program and technical assistance to landowners to conserve, protect and improve soil, water, air, plants and animals. In doing so, we enable farmers and landowners to better steward and manage their property and remain economically viable.

Key Contacts

Jon Bourdon

State Conservationist

Employee Directory

State Conservationist
Name Position Phone Number Email
Jon Bourdon
State Conservationist
Name Position Phone Number Email
Rebecca Haddix
Public Affairs Specialist (Contractor)
Julie Stutler
Outreach Specialist (Cross Lanes Service Center)
WV NRCS Public Affairs
Management and Strategy
Name Position Phone Number Email
Kristopher Ellis
Assistant State Conservationist - Management and Strategy
Susan Edgar
Financial Resources Specialist
Tim Hastings
Management Analyst
Katie Jackson
Administrative Services Assistant
Nanette Kimble
Administrative Support Specialist
Michelle Prudnick
Administrative Assistant (Contractor)
Lonnie Williams
Business Services Specialist
WV NRCS Management and Strategy
Name Position Phone Number Email
Laura Smith
Assistant State Conservationist - Programs
Carrie Crislip
State Farm Bill Specialist - CSP (Beckley Area Office)
Jeff Griffith
State Farm Bill Specialist - EQIP & AMA
Sarah Pauley
Paralegal (Contractor)
Alissa Pilkington
Soil Conservationist (Easements)
Michael Rakes
Acting Easement Coordinator (Cross Lanes Service Center)
Ileane Rodriguez-Soto
State Farm Bill Specialist - RCPP
JR Wolfe
ACES/Farm Bill Specialist
Program Analyst
State Easement Specialist
WV NRCS Farm Bill Programs
WV NRCS Easements
Name Position Phone Number Email
Jared Beard
State Soil Scientist
Alexander Lawson
Soil Scientist (Pathways)
Brian Nester
Assistant State Soil Scientist
GIS Specialist
Name Position Phone Number Email
Andy Deichert
State Conservation Engineer
Kathy Allen
Agricultural Engineer
Derrick Crane
Civil Engineer
Nathan Knox
Civil Engineering Technician
Erin O'Leary
Civil Engineer
Harold Russell
Civil Engineer
Alan Smith
Titus Smith
Civil Engineer/Agricultural Engineer
Tom Sites
Civil Engineering Technician (Petersburg Service Center)
David Sweeney
Dam Safety Engineer (Parkersburg Service Center)
Civil Engineer
Water Resources
Name Position Phone Number Email
Christi Hicks
Assistant State Conservationist-Water Resources (Romney Service Center)
Becky Jefferys
Watershed Management and Program Analyst
Clayton Scott
Natural Resource Specialist (Beckley Area Office)
Hannah Thacker
Water Conservationist (Princeton Service Center)
Saahirah Walton
Pam Yost
ACES/Agricultural Economist
WV NRCS Water Resources
Ecological Sciences
Name Position Phone Number Email
Jeff Barr
State Resource Conservationist
Dustin Adkins
Urban Conservationist
Dr. Kyle Aldinger
State Biologist
Ben Borda
ACES/Environmental Specialist (Huntington Service Center)
Ben Collier
Resource Conservationist
Josh Cook
Business Tools Specialist
John "Dave" Moore
Acting Business Tools Specialist
Carla Davis
Administrative Assistant (Contractor)
Barbara Greenleaf
Grassland Specialist (Parkersburg Service Center)
Tom Wilsoncroft
State Forester
WV NRCS Ecological Sciences
Appalachian Plant Materials Center
Name Position Phone Number Email
Isaac Wolford
Plant Materials Center Manager
Warren Haynes
Biological Science Technician
Randall Lester
Assistant Plant Materials Center Manager
MLRA Soil Survey Northeast Regional Office
Name Position Phone Number Email
Luis Hernandez
Soil Survey Regional Director, Northeast Region
Danielle Clay
Program Analyst
Debby Cunningham
Soil Scientist (Cross Lanes Service Center)
Alan Moore
Soil Data Quality Specialist/Geophysical Investigations (Huntington Service Center)
Wendy Noll
GIS Specialist
Ecological Site Specialist
MLRA Soil Survey Morgantown Office
Name Position Phone Number Email
Chris Seitz
Acting Soil Survey Office Leader (Mill Hall Service Center, PA)
Joel Gebhard
Soil Scientist
James Leonard
Soil Scientist (Student)
Megan Thomas
Soil Scientist (Student)