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State Office Contacts

Utah State Office

125 South State Street, Room 4010
Salt Lake City, UT 84138
Mailing Address
125 South State Street, Room 4010
Salt Lake City, UT 84138
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Utah NRCS provides voluntary, cost-effective program and technical assistance to landowners to conserve, protect and improve soil, water, air, plants and animals, and enable farmers and landowners to manage their property and remain economically viable.

Welcome to NRCS in Utah!

Emily Fife

Emily Fife, State Conservationist

At the Natural Resources Conservation Service, we proudly serve Utah's agricultural community. Led by our State Conservationist we provide both financial and technical assistance to help our farmers, ranchers, and forest landowners conserve natural resources and meet their unique conservation needs. 






Key Contacts

Media Inquiries/Community Outreach

Sarah Welliver, State Public Affairs Specialist

Snow Survey & Water Supply Questions

Jordan Clayton, Data Collection Officer/Snow Survey Team Supervisor

NRCS Utah State Office

State Conservationist
Name Position Phone Number Email
Emily Fife
State Conservationist (currently on detail)
Kia Earl
Executive Assistant
Sarah Welliver
State Public Affairs Specialist
Name Position Phone Number Email
Scott Morton
Assistant State Conservationist-Easement
Keila Ortiz
Easements Coordinator
Name Position Phone Number Email
Jason Roper
State Conservation Engineer
Shawn Stanley
Watershed Engineer
Jason Robinson
Civil Engineer
Jason Dodds
Project Engineer
K.C. (Kerry) Savage
Project Engineer
Lance Smith
Project Engineer
Brent Campbell
State Irrigation Engineer
Management and Strategy
Name Position Phone Number Email
Garrett Fish
Assistant State Conservationist Management and Strategy
Paula Salazar
Management and Program Analyst
Chad Dzingleski
Financial Resource Specialist
Micah Hansen
Administrative Support Assistant
Richard Howie
Administrative Support Assistant
Corinne Sorensen
Business Services Specialist
Name Position Phone Number Email
Kit (Kathryn) Quay
Assistant State Conservationist for Partnerships
Outreach Coordinator
Name Position Phone Number Email
Travis Mote
Assistant State Conservationist for Programs
Davie Stokes
EQIP Program Manager
Sara Saunders
RCPP Program Manager
James Huggard
CSP Program Manager
Name Position Phone Number Email
Andrew Hopkin
State Resource Conservationist
Ryan Pierce
GIS Specialist
Dustin Ford
State Rangeland Management Specialist
Matthew Phillippi
State Biologist
Brian David
State Agronomist
Shelley Szeghi
State Cultural Resource Specialist
Dave Varner
Field Business Tools Specialist
Doug Campbell
NRCS-FFSL Forestry Coordinator
Name Position Phone Number Email
Jordan Clayton
Data Collection Officer/Supervisor
Troy Brosten
Dave Eriksson
Douglas Neff
Electronics Technician
Logan Jamison
Claire Stellick
Spencer Donovan
Kori Mooney
Water Resources
Name Position Phone Number Email
Anders Fillerup
Acting Assistant State Conservationist Water Resources
Derek Hamilton
Water Resources Coordinator
Tony Beals
Resource Conservationist
Todd Sieber
State Geologist
Joshua Bregger
Adam Turkula
Acting Salinity Coordinator
Kyle Wheeler
Watershed Coordinator (Richfield)
Norm Evenstad (Ret. - ACES Enrollee)
Water Resources Coordinator
Tara Hoffmann
State Water Resources Cultural Resources Specialist