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State Office Contacts

South Dakota State Office

200 4Th Street Sw Room 203
Huron, SD 57350
Mailing Address
200 4th Street SW Room 203
Huron, SD 57350
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The South Dakota Natural Resource's Conservation Service's State Office is located in Huron, South Dakota and serves as the administrative headquarters for the agency in South Dakota. There are also field offices located in most counties working to serve local communities around the state.

State Office Directory

State Conservationist Staff
Name Position Phone Number Email
Tony Sunseri
State Conservationist
Tami Burmeister
Executive Assistant
Public Affairs
Name Position Phone Number Email
Mike Beck
Public Affairs Officer
Andrew Thomason
Public Affairs Specialist
Management and Strategy
Name Position Phone Number Email
Denise Gauer
Assistant State Conservationist for Management and Strategy
Christine Duxbury
Management Analyst
Eric McIntosh
Financial Resources Specialist
Jennifer Hoellein
Business Services Specialist
Steve Maras
Administrative Support Specialist
Tasha Airheart
Administrative Support Assistant
Carrie Wetz
LUSA Contractor
Colette Deshazer
Administrative Assistant
Name Position Phone Number Email
Jeff Vander Wilt
Assistant State Conservationist for Programs
Sara Held
Administrative Assistant
Matt Morlock
RCPP Coordinator
Jennifer Wurtz
EQIP Coordinator
Val Dupraz
CSP Coordinator
Sara Geyer
Realty Specialist
Corrie Walter
Program Analyst
Kevin Luebke
Restoration Specialist
Ecological Sciences
Name Position Phone Number Email
Jessica Michalski
State Resource Conservationist
Brandon Walter
State Biologist
Victor Tuschen
Agricultural Economist
Laura Bosworth
State Forester
Ryan Kruse
Business Tools Coordinator
Emily Rohrer
State Rangeland Management Specialist
Name Position Phone Number Email
Colette Kessler
Assistant State Conservationist for Partnerships
Darrel DuVall
State Outreach Coordinator
Randi Papka
Administrative Assistant
Name Position Phone Number Email
James Reedy
State Conservation Engineer
Name Position Phone Number Email
Deke Hobbick
Assistant State Conservationist for Compliance
Name Position Phone Number Email
Nathan Jones
State Soils Scientist
Kent Vlieger
State Soil Health Specialist
Tanse Herrmann
State Grazinglands Soil Health Specialist
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Name Position Phone Number Email
Adam Madigan
State GIS Specialist
Mike Knigge
Cartographic Technician
Jordan Hopper
Cartographic Technician